About us

"Unique", "delicious" ,"great customer service" and "customized menus" With Passion, Experience & Creativity we have the perfect formula... 58 years back Haji Riaz Ahmed & Haji Khalid Hussain introduced Chiniot Catering and since then, there has been no looking back. Catering your event is more than just supplying the food and the service. It's sharing your passion with a belief in the quality of our food as well as being individual and specific to you. Khalid Riaz (Gulab Mehal Walay) is following the legacy of Haji Riaz & Haji Khalid since 1970. Our mission is to rise above other catering companies by providing a personal and attentive catering service that delivers on its promises. With a visionary and proactive approach to any event, Chiniot Catering is a trend setter, not a follower, among catering companies.

"We are the pioneer of Kunna and our menu ranging from Pakistani, Indian, Chinese to BBQ"